The McAllister Family
and the Northamptonshire Regiment

My Great Great Grandfather, Robert James McAllister, was born in Ireland in 1840. He served a total of 43 years in the army - 21 years in the 4th King's Royal Lancasters and 22 years on the permanent staff of the Northamptonshire Regiment. He has also had five sons in the army.
Sergeant William McAllister served 19 years with the 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment going through the South African war. He then served with the 5th Service Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment at home during the First World War.

William McAllister

Q.M.S. Frederick McAllister served with the 8th Northamptons at home during the First World War and had altogether been in the army for 20 years in 1914. He also went to South Africa.
Lance Corporal Alfred McAllister, the wounded man, served 12 years with the Northamptons, including 8 years in India and was called up from the Army Reserve at the beginning of the First World War.
Edward McAllister served six years in the Northampton Volunteers and a deceased son, Bertram McAllister, was likewise six years in the same corps.

Sgt. William McAllister
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Frederick McAllister & Army Colleagues

This picture shows Q.M.S. Frederick McAllister (far left) and other army colleagues. Unfortunately, the date and place of this photograph are unknown.

My research on the McAllister family and the Northamptonshire Regiment continues and I will update this page as and when any new information becomes available.

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